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Haddad Park, Charleston, WV

Sculpture "Unity" by Vladimir Smirnov and Dr. Cubert Smith

Doctors Participate in Exchange

Three doctors from the Central Hospital in Korolev, Russia are participating in a continual medical exchange between West Virginia and Russia. Thanks to Dr. John MacCallum (Russia & WV Foundation Director) of Logan General Hospital, excellent opportunities have been provided for the Russia doctors. On Sunday, March 1, Dr. Virginia Simmons ( Foundation Director) picked up Ekaterina Dorofeyeva, Yuri Tatianin and Lilia Ustinskova at Dulles Airport. After the long air flight and the 7 hour drive from Dulles, the three doctors relaxed on Monday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, Dr. J. Mangus of Charleston Area Medical Center set up an excellent learning tour for the three doctors. The two days were set up to provide an overall view of health care in the United States

The doctors were in intensive care units, surgery, labor and delivery areas, pediatrics, cardiac units and a plethora of other experiences.

On Wednesday evening the doctors were transported to Logan General Hospital and were linked to doctors that shared their specialities. Ekaterina, pulmonalis; Yuri, cardiologist; and Lilia, pediatrician. The doctors were part of the office and hospital experience. The doctors state that they have learned so much about the details of health care in America. They have also been interested in the insurance procedures, technology and resources available to American doctors and medical procedures that may differ from those used in Russia.

Three Russian Doctors enjoy a reception on their honor

John MaCallum enjoys professional exchange with a pediatrician from Korolev.

During the week-ends and their time in Charleston, the doctors were housed and taken care of by Cramer and Barbara Bollinger, Jim and Ginny Simmons and Bill Simmons. A special thank you is also extended to Vitaly Daminov who gave up his spring break to translate for this group and to Roger Pryor from Summersville who also translated. The doctors departed for Dulles and Moscow on March 13, 1998.
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