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The Foundation has sponsored numerous exchanges of business persons.Exchanges are tailored to the needs and interests of each group. Business persons from Korolev and the Moscow region have journeyed to West Virginia where they visited businesses and industries across the state. While visiting, they have been hosted by West Virginia business persons who shared, not only their business lives, but provided their guests with experiences in their American homes and community life. Americans traveling to Korolev have been treated to similar kinds of host arrangements. 


The Foundation has been active in linking communities. Activities such as development of Sister Cities agreements between Saint Mary's, West Virginia and Korolev, Russia, the creation of the statue "Unity" in Charleston, WV and exchanges of medical staff have built bridges between our communities.


Cultural permeates all of the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation has found it is necessary to experience the culture of a people to understand the people. Exchanges always provide many opportunities to enjoy each people’s culture. Travelers participate in the "high" culture of symphonies, ballets and museums , folk arts, culinary delights, and most importantly, experiencing new friendships and traditions.



The Foundation's interest in education is central to the foundation activities and the Foundation has sponsored over 275 educational exchanges.  


Foundation Trips



The Russia and West Virginia Foundation has become a reality because of the support and involvement of a global community. The Foundation (all volunteers) has developed partnerships which impact the future of education, culture, business and communities.

The activities of the Foundation began as a statewide project but have increased their scope to involve people from all over the United States. Russia is the last frontier and opportunities are only limited by our imagination. The Foundation is organized as a non-profit corporation and promotes alliances and interchanges that focus on global commitment to a higher quality of life. The Russia and West Virginia Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization formed to promote business, education and cultural exchanges between Russia and the United States. The Foundation was formed in January of 1993 by a group of educators and business leaders from West Virginia and friends in Korolev (then known as Kaliningrad), Russia. The exchange program has led to numerous person to person exchanges and has been a learning experience for all involved. While the foundation is based in, and centered around West Virginia, participants in the exchanges range all over the United States.

THE RUSSIA & WEST VIRGINIA FOUNDATION IS A 501c3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. ALL DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED. Many of you continue to send money that is designated to support our Russian students here and our American students here that are closely associated with the Foundation and our American students in Russia. Others send donations for other projects. This is a unique organization because none of the Board of Directors receive salaries or compensations. We are like you, we just care enough about this partnership that we are willing to share part of our time and life to making it work.




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