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The Foundation has sponsored numerous exchanges of business persons. Exchanges are tailored to the needs and interests of each group. Business persons from Korolev and the Moscow region have journeyed to West Virginia where they visited businesses and industries across the state. While visiting, they have been hosted by West Virginia business persons who shared, not only their business lives, but provided their guests with experiences in their American homes and community life. Americans traveling to Korolev have been treated to similar kinds of host arrangements. The friendships and experiences that are derived from such experiences have a profound impact that leaves a soul changed. Our Russian friends have participated in a wide variety of presentations and discussions on topics such as cost accounting, banking, Rotary, intellectual property laws, civil rights concerning minorities and women, computer usage, and business English. West Virginia visitors to Korolev have visited many businesses and enterprises in Korolev and the Moscow Region such as:  aerospace industries related to the Russian space program, the World famous Gzhel porcelain factory, technical colleges, fine craft makers, computer software producers, furriers, and fashion designers.
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